Visit La Yeguada in Veraguas

The Province of Veraguas within its geography contains picturesque villages abundant of cultural richness, if you decide to go to La Yeguada, you will be visiting one of the most attractive and hospitable places in Panama. This wonderful place is a few kilometers from a small town called Calobre, anyone who wants to reach La Yeguada needs to pass by it. From here you can visit many impressive and beautiful places like the Los Pozos Termales.

La Yeguada

One of most well-known places in Panama is La Yeguada. The perfect place for the lovers of outdoor living and camping. Its clear skies, the lake, and its pine forest, make this place something wonderful and impressive. Spending the night here is an experience to never forget. The imposing sound of the breeze passing through the pine forest; The wonderful lake reflecting the thousands and thousands of stars of the sublime clear sky. Here you breathe serenity and harmony, perfect balance with our nature. Its natural trails, waterfalls, viewpoints, mountains, and lagoons make this site a place to visit if you enjoy camping in inspiring places.

In La Yeguada there are two camping sites, the first station has a latrine, here you can place your tent at the edges of the lagoon; The second station has a bath and potable water, which is next to the waterfall. Since La Yeguada is a reserved forest. The ANAM
(National Environmental Authority)
charges B/. 2 per person to access the protected area and B/. 3 for camping (if you are a student you pay half).

Its lagoon is artificial and was created due to a hydroelectric project, driven by the president Omar Torrijos in 1960. The function of the reserve was to protect the water for the lagoon and maintain the hydroelectric in optimum condition. Covered under executive decree No. 94 of 1960, covers 7090 hectares, mostly area of savannas. Two watersheds are the ones that feeds it, Barrero Grande, and the San Juan River. The reserve was started with an essay of several species, being the Caribbean pine more resistant to the circumstances of the soil. They started reforesting 2.000 hectares of 7.000.

La Yeguada does not counts with tourist guides, but in the National Environmental Authority (ANAM) the sir Aurelio Concepción, or the manager Mr. Jose Espinoza will gladly give you any information.


How to get there?

By car, the journey from the small town of Calobre to La Yeguada can take you 45 minutes although the town has internal buses you can take. The scenery and the view of the road is sublime, green mountains, pines, and breeze.

  • Get to Calobre

The easiest way to get there is to take the bus from Panama to Calobre, it leaves every day at 8.00 am at Albrook Mall Terminal and costs b/. 7 although you still must take a small detour. This option takes you to Aguadulce and from there, take bus route Aguadulce-Calobre which will cost B/. 2.

Once we are in Calobre we will find a STOP sign and a blue sign that indicates the direction to follow to reach La Yeguada. The street is totally paved and we continue straight until we find the sign of ANAM that indicates that we have reached the reserve.

The road can take about 45 minutes from Calobre. You can also take an internal bus (Calobre-la Yeguada) that leave between 35 and 45 minutes and the cost is b/. 2.


Lodging and meals

In the small town of Calobre there are no hotels or hostels, but you can ask for teacher Zoila Guevara, she will rent you an informal place with a small space for you to spend the night. You can eat at the restaurant El Buen Pastor where you will find cheap meals from B/. 1.25 to B/. 2.50. Personal food and supplies can be bought at Cooperativa de Calobre (Saturdays and Sundays closed), in the bakery, or in one of the two shops.


Other Contacts

  • Calobre Police Station: 959-9030
  • Payphone (next to Cooperativa de Calobre): 959-9238
  • Calobre Township, Michigan: 959-9019
  • Ms. Maya Urriola (Guide): 6615-4730
  • Mr. Urriola (watermelons seller): 6511-1498