The most common phrases used in Panama


In Panama, the official language is Spanish, but it has evolved to have phrases that are unique to the Panamanian environment, a lot of them are derivatives from English. Here are few phrases or slangs that foreigners must keep them in mind.


The most use phrases or slangs are:


  1. When a Panamanian is broke, he is “Limpio”.
  2. When a Panamanian has a hangover, he’s “Engomao”.
  3. When a Panamanian says “Chuleta (pork)” he is not asking for food rather it’s an expression of surprise.
  4. When a Panamanian tells you a story, he is “Tirando cinta”.
  5. If a Panamanian is gossiping, this is “Bochinchando”.
  6. Panamanians don’t make fun of people, instead “Te revientan”.
  7. A Panamanian will never talk nonsense to you, if he does “Hablas paja”.
  8. When you hear “agarra la Chiva” they’re not sending you to a farm, they’re telling you to take the bus.
  9. Having bad luck is nothing more than being “Salado” which means salty.
  10. When it’s time to go to party, the Panamanian way of saying is “Vamos arrancarnos”.
  11. If you did something very well, they’ll probably tell you “la Botastes”.
  12. And if you did very badly, then, “La cagastes”.
  13. If you are a mediocre person, or your situation is not the best, they will tell you “estas en Panga”.